Tips For Your

Upcoming Session

We can't wait for your upcoming session! Take a moment to read through the following ten tips to make sure you have an unforgettable shoot.

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1. Location

We recommend the environment where we shoot reflects who you two are. Where do you feel most alive? The spot you choose will affect your mood and the overall vibe of the photos.

If you’re not totally sure where to go, try thinking of somewhere that has a special meaning to you - a favorite spot, your first date, or somewhere you've always wanted to go. If you still got nothin, we have tons of recommendations, so just let us know which type of place you’re thinking and we can find the perfect place together. We got your back.

One more thing to consider is including an activity or something unique: Is your thing cooking at home with a bottle of wine? Got a motorcycle you want to include? Whatever it is, if it’s something you love doing you’ll already feel more comfortable, and it'll add your personalities to the session!

2. No Pressure

If you're like most people, you probably have some less-than-possitive associations to taking photos. But don't worry! Instead of feeling like you have to perform, our session together will feel very casual, laid-back, and more like we're hanging out than a photo shoot. We promise you'll walk away feeling SO good!

Here's our top 3 tips we share at the start of each session:

1. Constant movement: While we'll guide and direct you throughout the shoot, movement loosens you up and instantly takes your mind off details like what face to make or where your hands should be.

2. Keep it natural: We want your photos to be authentic to you, so while we'll direct you into a certain pose or interaction, there is room for you to make it your own and do it however you'd like to.

3. Be spontaneous/playful: Your engagement session isn't meant to be so serious, batman. We all can be goofy and playful when we're with our person, so cut loose! Show us your weird side. We'll vibe off each other's energy and we'll be silly and playful with ya, probably share some slightly inappropriate jokes, etc. It'll be a hoot.

Tips on what to wear

1. OPTIONS: Feel free to bring 2 or 3 options! We can pick and choose, and make sure the outfits compliment the environment we're shooting in.

2. DRESS ACCORDINGLY: Think about where we're going to be, the weather, etc. and plan accordingly! It's too hard to hike in heels or to wear close toed shoes on the beach. If it's going to be freezing, wear layers! Or if it's going to be hot wear something that'll breathe better so you don't get all sweaty lol. Wear what makes sense, and be comfortable!

3. COLORS: Neutral tones are best because they don't take away from the photos - and neutrals can be in any color! Generally staying away from pinks, bright oranges, or reds is generally a good idea, but if there's something you love bring it!

3. Dress Like Yourself

When it comes to what you're going to wear, the most important thing is that you feel confident and dress like you normally would! We want these photos to be true to you. If you have an outfit that you super love, that's probably the one to wear! We want your photos to represent who you are right now, so don't feel like you need to dress up.

4. You Do You

Have you ever seen a photo that made you feel something when you looked at it? The best images are the ones that are honest and vulnerable. Be yourself and don’t be afraid to let go. We'll take care of everything else by guiding and directing you the whole time, so all you have to do is be you.

5. Leave The Extras Behind

Because we want your focus to be entirely on your person and how much you love each other, leave the props, bags, and anything extra at home.

7. Plan Around Sunset

It's not a hard set rule, and depending where we go earlier may totally work. But typically the last hour and half or so before sunset (called golden hour) gives off some of the best light of the whole day. This might change a tiny bit by location, but this allows us to get that beautiful, glowing warm light!

6. PIN IT!

Head over to the blog and pin 10-20 of our images that stand out the most to you. This will help us to see what kind of photos you lean towards and will help us to customize your session just for you!

A Few Final Things

10. Remember What It's All About

8. Embrace The Elements

While your wedding day is about being with your closest friends and your family, the engagement session is all about the two of you, and the miracle you met and are together! Your engagement session is meant to bring you away from the busyness of life and to focus and connect on each other.

Don't worry if the wind is messing up your hair or if you get a little dirty. These spontaneous moments can often lead to some of the best photos anyways, so whatever comes our way we’ll have fun with it!

9. Take The Day Off!

If it’s possible, we recommend making the most out of the day! Get lunch together, grab a drink, and relax. By the time we hang out, you guys will be full of love and excitement!