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Family Session Ever

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Tip 1:

Arrive early

The one thing we want to avoid, as much as possible, is for anyone feeling stressed right before your session. Sometimes it’s unavoidable (kids, amiright?), but one easy way to remove unnecessary stress is to try and arrive 15-30 minute early. It allows the kids to get settled in the environment and if you are running behind, then Hakuna Matata (oh yeah, I went there).

Let Us Capture The Real Stuff

TIP 2:

Allow the kids to play and be themselves, and allow yourselves a little time to rest and enjoy this family time. You can trust us to guide and direct you the whole time. You only have to focus on each other and your love!

Be Playful and Present

Family Portrait | Brocoff Photography

TIP 3:

Similar to the last tip, the best thing for your photos is to give the kids freedom for their personalities to shine and allow yourselves to be playful and present. We’ve found kids are way more receptive to cuddling and smiling for a photo when they aren’t under too much pressure to be perfect for the session. We’ll work our magic to capture the moments and the bonds you have, and work in some of those more posed shots without them hardly realizing!

what to wear

Dress Accordingly:

Think about where your session will be, check the weather, etc. and plan accordingly! It's too hard to wear close toed shoes on the beach or hike in dress shoes. If it's going to get cold, wear or bring layers. If it's going to be hot, wear something that'll breathe better so you stay cool and comfortable.

Colors and Patterns:

Neutral tones are generally best because they don't take away from the photos - besides whites and blacks, neutrals can be in any color! Generally staying away from saturated pinks, bright oranges, or reds is a good idea, but if there's something you love bring it!

Subtle patterns are totally ok, but try to avoid pairing too many together as it'll end updistracting


what it's all about

The bond you share, the connection you have to each other - your relationships to one another are the most important thing in life, and your session is meant to capture the little moments, personalities, and love that make your family unique and worth photographing.