I apologize for not writing back as soon as we saw these, but I needed to spend time looking/staring at every single one because I coauldn’t get over how incredibly amazing these are! Cody and I were totally stunned when we looked through the album.. like speechless! They are perfect. These photos are more beautiful than anything I could have ever imagined. I cried (happy tears) at least three times over the last week when I look at them. I have always considered Cody the more photogenic of the two of us, but I think you coached me into finding my good angles, haha! How can we ever decide which ones to print? We are going to need another wall to display all of these! We have received so many compliments from the family and friends we shared the album with, but I think all the credit needs to go to you and Chris. You both are so relaxed and funny, and you put Cody and I at ease which definitely comes through in the album.
We absolutely cannot wait for the wedding! I am so, so, so happy that we connected with the two of you. I hope you don’t think we are total weirdos because you guys are my choice to photograph all the future milestones of the Griffin family!

After the sparklers sizzle, the cake is eaten, and the flowers wilt, the only thing you’ll keep to remind you of your greatest day ever are the photos. Are the photos the most important thing? No. Do you deserve to have the right photographer for you who will capture the best moments of your best day surrounded by the people you love?

A million times, yes.